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Customers Buy Concrete Pump Truck Again from Bangbo

Customers Buy Concrete Pump Truck Again from Bangbo


The production staff of BANGBO Heavy Industry finished the installation, and the 50-meter concrete pump truck was sent to Central Asia. The old customer said that after the last purchase of the 37-meter pump truck of BANGBO, the large and small projects continued, not only saving manpower, but also high efficiency. With the gradual increase in projects, customers have deliberately purchased another piece of equipment with wider fabrics to increase the amount of engineering.

The delivery destination of the 50-meter concrete pump truck is the floor concrete construction project newly received by the customer. Under the guidance of the after-sales engineer, the operator quickly and skillfully completed the startup procedure, and the construction personnel immediately performed the work. The concrete directly High-pressure pumping to the floor without damage to the floor formwork, high safety, simple operation, low labor intensity, and high working efficiency.

Bangbo is a professional concrete machine manufacturer, we have new & used concrete pump trucks for option. Please contact us!

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