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Detailed investment analysis of small concrete mixing pump of bonber heavy industry

Detailed investment analysis of small concrete mixing pump of bonber heavy industry


With the steady and rapid development of rural economy, construction machinery industry in rural areas is also constantly exploring new markets, some manufacturers also began to develop all kinds of small concrete pump for rural construction, such as small excavators, small concrete pumps. The concrete mixing pump developed by Hunan BAMBO Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a kind of equipment specially developed for rural concrete construction. Let's analyze the detailed investment value of Bangbo mixing pump.


1, Easy to use

The small concrete mixing pump can be mounted on the chassis of the vehicle and transported directly to the construction site. It is convenient to transfer the site. No additional equipment is needed for hauling, and the trouble of unloading is saved. As long as several sets of pipes are prepared, the construction of several construction sites can be taken into account at the same time.


2, High utilization rate

This kind of equipment takes into account the three functions of mixing, pumping and transportation into one. The utilization rate of the equipment is very high, and the cost of purchasing other equipment is saved


3, High profit

The return on investment is fast. According to the lowest price of 80 yuan in the concrete market, our concrete mixing pump truck can hit 120 cubic meters at least every day. As long as the construction site is sufficient, the cost can be recovered in half a year.


4, Low risk

Small concrete mixing pump can be widely used in urban infrastructure construction, roads or construction sites, workshops, warehouses, wharves, and other places with narrow sites and frequent changes of operation contents. It has low investment risk, no management and simple operation. It can be used in any project requiring concrete pouring. With the development of new urbanization, the demand for concrete machinery and equipment is increasing, and the business volume is also gradually increasing.


5, Great potential

The development potential of rural areas is huge, and for a long time in the future, with the saturation of the city, there will be counter urbanization development. Therefore, rural areas have a very large space for development. At present, there are few special types of equipment for rural concrete construction, and many large-scale types of equipment can not enter the rural market, which makes our small concrete mixing pump has great market potential, And it will last for a long time.

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