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Role and advantages of small concrete pump

Role and advantages of small concrete pump


Small concrete pump is designed for remote rural areas and some special construction sites with inconvenient transportation, or narrow space construction conditions are limited by the size of the equipment and carefully designed concrete construction equipment. Although small concrete pump body small, but its function is not discounted, wide range of application. Small concrete pump can not only be used for all kinds of building mortar and concrete pumping, but also can be used in the floor heating project filling layer or mortar filling layer construction.

BAMBO Machinery, a manufacturer of small concrete pumps, has strong production strength, strong research and development capacity, complete functions, with the following product advantages:

1, small concrete pump with advanced S tube valve reversing, high outlet pressure, can meet the high level of fine stone concrete and long-distance transport.

2. The main hydraulic oil pump adopts the plunger pump with constant power variable, with high system pressure, high efficiency and balanced operation.

3. The s-tube valve of the small concrete pump is equipped with a floating wear-resistant ring, which can automatically compensate for wear and has good sealing performance.

4. The glass plate and cutting ring are made of cemented carbide inlay, and the small concrete pump is durable.

5. Small concrete pump mixing device is driven by low speed and high torque oil pressure motor.

6. The hydraulic system is a double pump double back open system, reversing speed is fast and stable, and high efficiency.The hydraulic oil cooling system of small concrete pump is advanced.

7, Mini concrete pump PLC electric control box with Mitsubishi and other imported components, electrical box with wired remote control handle, easy to operate, with good control characteristics.

8, It has the function of reverse pump, which can greatly reduce the pipe clogging, and the small concrete pump has the traction walking wheel, which is easy to move, and can be placed on the floor for site pouring.

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