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The five safety issues should be cared during the use of truck mounted concrete pumps

The five safety issues should be cared during the use of truck mounted concrete pumps


The concrete pump truck can be said to be the most efficient among all the concrete conveying equipment. As its own boom, the concrete truck can pump concrete without setting up pipes. it is very convenient by saving a lot of early time to lay the pipe . As for the structure of the concrete pump truck is relatively complex, it is necessary to pay more attention to safety in use. Once there is any negligence, it will not only cause damage to the pump truck, but also threaten the life and safety of the construction personnel. BAMBO class will give you a brief introduction of the issues that  should pay attention to  in use of concrete pump truck.

1. The ground supported by the concrete pump truck is soft and causes rollover

Because the pump truck works by four legs support, if the support of the ground is not tight, it is easy to cause the leg subsidence for itself height weight , resulting in the day pump side.

2.The boom of concrete pump truck contacts the high voltage wire

Every year across the country will occur similar incidents, arm frame contact high-voltage wire and cause casualties of personnel vehicles, mainly or operators do not pay attention to, there are lucky psychological, so the need to strictly abide by the safe operation procedures pump.

3.The concrete pump truck caught fire

Summer is the most easy to lead the pump truck fire season, not only the external environment temperature is high, pump truck itself work generated high temperature, and some electrical wiring fire is also an important cause of fire. How to prevent it? Equipped with car fire extinguisher, the car should not use any amount of oil and flammable and explosive goods; It is strictly forbidden to pull wires and equip high-power electrical appliances on the circuit system.

4.Observe traffic rules and pay attention to vehicle inspection and maintenance.

Driver comply with traffic rules is the first priority, second, day pump belongs to heavy vehicles, chassis should also be more inspection and maintenance, regular maintenance such as more slippery oil, brake pads, tires.

5.Pay attention to details when operating the concrete pump truck

A. when the concrete pump truck is working, it is forbidden to stand under the boom.

B. if the remote control of the pump is out of order. Do not push the operating handle back and forth. Press the emergency button to "stop".

C. do not use the boom of concrete pump truck as lifting arm to lift heavy objects.

D. Replace the boom pump pipe regularly to avoid concrete explosion and injury due to the burst of the pump pipe.

E. Keep the concrete pump platform clean to avoid falling down.

F. In case of emergency, press the "emergency stop button" directly and do not conduct other operations.

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